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Of Accidents and proud moments

I know I have been terrible at Blogging, but oh well, life happens! But here we go, another Insert :-)

I’m not sure where to begin, however I think perhaps at the last show is a good starting point!

So the Winter Training show was a great success, a lot of fun was had and we had some stiff competition from outside riders!
We entered the Prelim Dressage Classes as well as the 50′s & 60′s jumping! I hadn’t jumped a 60′s track since Montana, so was quite nervous!

Lily really put her best hoof forward at the show, I could REALLY not complain about how it went! We ended up scoring 60% in both of our Dressage Classes! Though we didn’t get placed, I was exctastic about our result and very proud of Lily! I had some really super compliments and comments from the judges and some outside riders! *beams* – I came out the class with the biggest smile on my face :) My Hubby Mike also took videos of both of my classes :-) Photo’s below:


The jumping also went well, Lily stopped at a few fences and did them at a standstil, but got confident as the class progressed. We unfortunately did not have any clear rounds (step back in 50′s and pole down in 60′s), but it was awesome nonetheless :)

After a successful show, we did a lot of work getting her forward and more balanced, and I did a lot of work to get her confident, which has paid off in LEAPS and bounds! She is jumping up banks (still need to work on going down all sides of the bank) and she is taking me into fences :)
She is working really nicely on the Flat, we are now doing Shoulder in’s, outs and flexion exercises now and it’s going really well! am LOVING t all! :)

Then came the Accident… *sigh*… A really freaky one at that too (and painful I might add). I was taking Lily’s Blanket off on Sunday morning (the 14th) and whilst doing so, I felt a really had impact to the side of my Face… All I recall happening after that was ending up outside the stable and seeing lots of Blood, then I recall Kat telling me to NOT talk and then my next recollection was when I was in Hospital.
I think all the shock wore off later on, when the Surgeon came to see me and showed me what had happened! Lily had bitten me in the face (One cut a bit below my eye and the other on my cheek and on the side of my mouth. The skin had been ripped off near my mouth and it all looked really bad! The surgeon told me, she could only stitch the one near my eye and then also perform the scrubbing/cleaning of my other wound. So Sunday evening after 8pm, I went into theatre to have that done. I came out very sore :/ My Hubby, Anel and David came to visit me as well, was so nice to have visitors :) Thanksa Guys!
Monday afternoon around 5pm I went in for my final op with the Plastic Surgeon, he was quite shocked when he saw the wound in person, but he had a plan! I came out of theatre once again in LOADS of pain :/ Just after I ‘woke up’, Michael and my Best Friend Amanda arrived! I was probably very groggy, so I hope I wasn’t an ass lol…

Tuesday I was Finally discharged and Pam came to get me! We went straight to the stables, which was probably the best thing for me at the time!
The grooms brought Lily up for me, and I was glad to see her! Though I was crapping myself approaching her, I sucked it up and went to say hello :) She stuck her head in my lap and let me just rub her all over, I could see she was really sorry! How can I not forgive that??? I took her for a nice walk around and she was really happy to spend the time with me :)

Wednesday we had theory, but I went to the yard a bit earlier, so I could do some ground work with Lily, it went really well, and I saw what she could really do! Very proud moment!

Thursday and Friday I was very sore and was man down :/

Saturday it was D day! I had to get on and ride! Lily was SUPER and I had a really fun ride! Hee Haa!

Sunday was the group lesson and that was a BALL of fun! Lily once again was a star and was leaping out of her skin with excitement! I was really pleased and chuffed with her :)


Thanks to everyone who sent me messages and all the calls, I really appreciate it! Specially Amanda,Anel, Angelique, David,Michael, Pam and Johan (in no specific order)!

Some other randon funnies and info etc.:

  • In hospital they asked me if Horses had teeth! Had to cackle about that!
  • Horse bites are very dangerous if they penetrate the skin (loads of bacteria!)
  • They asked me where we had horses in Johannesburg! (Seriously?????????)
  • There was a guy who was bitten by a Crocodile (How bizarre!)
  • I was the Hospitals first horse bite case lol
  • When your body is in shock, you won’t feel other pain (for example Tetanus shots) *giggles* – and I had 2 shots!


How I feel about the Whole ordeal now:

  • I feel very lucky! She missed my eye, my nose and didn’t penetrate my cheek!
  • I am going to have minimal scarring, the surgeons did a fantastic job!
  • I have forgiven Lily completely!
  • I am now very caucious and make sure I am at all times aware of what she is doing!
  • I love my horse!
  • I feel blessed with so many good friends!
  • I know she did not intentially do it, it was more a reaction than an intention! Herbivore’s and animals in general, don’t just decide they are going to bite to hurt you, as they just act in defense or react to something they don’t like or is irritating them. I was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time!

I’ll upload some photos once I get a chance to upload them :)

Thanks for reading :-)


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July 23, 2012   2 Comments

1 Dianne Smith { July 24, 2012 at 09:12 }

Hi Tristan.It takes strength and courage to get back on after what happened to you. Well done Tristan I am proud of you:)

2 Ann { July 24, 2012 at 10:35 }

Well done! You are such an inspiration to us all. Ashley and I look forward to watching many hours of Lilly and yourself having fun together. Keep smiling!

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